paliers lisses

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A plain bearing, or more commonly sliding bearing and slide bearing (in railroading sometimes called a solid bearing, journal bearing, or friction bearing[citation needed]), is the simplest type of bearing, comprising just a bearing surface and no rolling elements. Therefore, the journal (i.e., the part of the shaft in contact with the bearing) slides over the bearing surface. The simplest example of a plain bearing is a shaft rotating in a hole. A simple linear bearing can be a pair of flat surfaces designed to allow motion; e.g., a drawer and the slides it rests on or the ways on the bed of a lathe.

Plain bearings, in general, are the least expensive type of bearing. They are also compact and lightweight, and they have a high load-carrying capacity.

The design of a plain bearing depends on the type of motion the bearing must provide. The three types of motions possible are:
Journal (friction, radial or rotary) bearing: This is the most common type of plain bearing; it is simply a shaft rotating in a bearing. In locomotive and railroad car applications a journal bearing specifically referred to the plain bearing once used at the ends of the axles of railroad wheel sets, enclosed by journal boxes (axleboxes). Axlebox bearings today are rolling-element bearings rather than plain bearings.
Linear bearing: This bearing provides linear motion; it may take the form of a circular bearing and shaft or any other two mating surfaces (e.g., a slide plate).
Thrust bearing: A thrust bearing provides a bearing surface for forces acting axial to the shaft. One example is a propeller shaft.

paliers lisses Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
5 mm x 16 mm x 5 mm NMB RBM5E paliers lisses 2,1 mm 60 kN NKE 33
25.4 mm x 41.275 mm x 38.1 mm SKF GEZM 100 ESX-2LS paliers lisses 34,4 kN 30 0,3 mm 61,6 kN
AST AST650 F121815 paliers lisses 462 mm 351 mm 353 mm 298 mm
LS SA17C paliers lisses 0 31171504 6012 5.34
LS SAZJ12 paliers lisses 15,6 kN 1,1 mm 95 mm 20 °
800 mm x 1060 mm x 355 mm SKF GEC 800 FBAS paliers lisses 51,994 51,994 mm 15,011 mm 12,7 mm
25 mm x 47 mm x 31 mm INA GAKFR 25 PW paliers lisses 83 12,9 Kg 180 HTA936T1DB+20D2/GNP4
AST SIJK25C paliers lisses NK 95/36 95 mm 221 kN 0,68 Kg
22 mm x 44 mm x 22 mm NMB MBY22VCR paliers lisses CX NUP3092 850 r/min 6150 kN
AST AST11 6070 paliers lisses 15 9 ISO 10 mm
AST AST50 025IB025 paliers lisses 40 1600 r/min NA4830 40 mm
280 mm x 400 mm x 200 mm LS GEH280HCS paliers lisses 57,15 66,675 92,1 kN 38,1